Extra EP Gear Oil
GRADES:GL-5 80W-90 AND 85W-140
Extra EP Gear Oil
Introduction of Extra EP Gear Oil:
Gear Oil Extra EP 80W-90 And 85W-140 are high performance, multipurpose, thermally stable and heavy duty automotive gear lubricants. They are blended from highly refined base stocks with high performance EP additive system for providing excellent load carrying capacity to protect gear equipment against surface distress (i.e. spalling, pitting, scoring and wear) under heavily loaded conditions. Special inhibitor system has also been incorporated to provide excellent oxidation stability to resist oil degradation and thickening during long periods of severe high temperature operations. High viscosity index and low pour point assure good film strength for gear protection at both high and low temperatures.
Application of Extra EP Gear Oil:
Gear Oil Extra EP 80W-90 And 85W-140 are recommended for automotive hypoid gear differentials operating under high speed and / or low speed and high torque conditions, heavy duty non-synchronized manual transmission and trans axles where ambient temperature vary widely.
Performance Level of Extra EP Gear Oil:
Meets the performance level of API service classification GL-5, IS:1118-1992 EP Type GL-5, US Military MIL-L-2105D
TYPICAL PROPERTIES Extra EP Gear Oil 80W-90 Extra EP Gear Oil 85W-140
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C., cSt, 14.0 26.0
Flash Point,°C (COC), Min. 100 95
TBN, mg KOH / gm. 180 200
Pour Point, °C Max. (-) 24 (-) 15
Packing of Extra EP Gear Oil :

210 Litres Drum


Date of Issue: DKG/12.11.2008


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