Rio Engine Oil
GRADES: SAE 30, 40
Rio Engine Oil
Introduction of Rio Engine Oil:
Rio Engine Oil 30 and Rio Engine Oil 40 are suitable for preservation-cum running-in oil and also as engine oils for driving away the chassis. They have excellent wear and rust control with superior performance.
Application of Rio Engine Oil:
Rio 30 and Rio Engine Oil 40 are used mainly as "Preservation and Running-in-oil" for the Automobile Industries. They can also be used for engine scheduled for export where time lag between production of engines and use by the customers is quite lengthily and protect the engine parts from sea water during shipment and storage.
Performance Level of Rio Engine Oil:
Meets the performance level of API CD, IS: 13656-2002, EDL-2
Typical Properties of Rio Engine Oil:
CHARACTERISTICS Rio Engine Oil 30 Rio Engine Oil 40
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C., cSt, 11.5 (T) 14.5 (T)
Flash Point, °C. (COC), 230 Min. 230 Min.
TBN, mg KOH / gm 10.5 (T) 10.5 (T)
Pour Point, °C. Max. (-) 6 Max. (-) 6 Max.
Packing of Rio Engine Oil:

210 Litres Drum.


Date of issue: 01.07.2009

PDS No. 10190 - 10191

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