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Base Oil
GRADES: Bx-12, Bx-32, Bx-100 :
Base Oil
Introduction of Base Oil :
These are highly refined Base Oil Stocks available in Various Viscosity Range. Base Oil are having excellent Chemical & Thermal Stability & are having High Viscosity Index.
Application of Base Oil :

Bx-12: Base Oil is used for manufacture Soluble & Neat Cutting Oil, Textile Lubricants such as Coning Oil, Antistatic Oil, Spin Finish Oil, Shoe Polish, Pigments, Agricultural Spray Oil, Mould Oil, White & Paraffin Oils etc.


Bx-32: Recommended for use in Manufacture of Automotive & Industrial Lubricants, Rust Preventives, Flushing Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, White & Paraffin Oil, Metal Finishing Compound, Plasticizer, Rubber Products etc.


Bx-100: Recommended for us in Manufacture of Automotive & Industrial Oil & Greas, Pigments & Printing Ink etc.

Performance Level of High Vaccum Grease:
hitemp & hitemp extra grease meet IS 12790: 1990.
Typical Properties of Base Oil :
Bx-12 Bx-32 Bx-100
1 Appearance Clear Clear Clear
2 Flash Point ºC, Min (COC) 160 180 210
3 Viscosity Index, Min. 90 95 90
4 Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt. 12 - 16 27 - 33 88 - 100
5 Pour Point ºC, Max. 0 0 0
6 ASTM Colour, Max. 2.5 2.5 3.0
7 Inorganic Acidity, Max. NIL NIL NIL
Packing of Base Oil :

210 Litres Drums / Tanker Load.

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