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Hydraulic Oil HVI
GRADES: VG 32, 46, 68, 100
Hydraulic Oil HVI
Introduction of Hydraulic Oil HVI:
Hydraulic Oil HVI are premium grade high viscosity index hydraulic oils which have excellent shear stability and can withstand wide range of temperatures. Hydraulic Oil contain special additive package that reduces wear, rust, oxidation, etc, and imparts good hydrolytic stability and water separation characteristics. Good anti-foam and air release properties ensure smooth operation and system efficiency. They have excellent compatibility with seals normally used in hydraulic system.s
Application of Hydraulic Oil HVI:
Hydraulic Oil HVI are mainly recommended for hydraulic excavators of Tata-Hitachi, L & T, Komatsu, etc. and can also be used for suitable industrial applications.
Performance Level of Hydraulic Oil HVI:
DIN 51524 Part 3
Typical Properties of Hydraulic Oil HVI
CHARACTERISTICS Hydraulic Oil Antiwear
32 46 68 100
KV at 40°C 30 - 34 44 to 48 66 - 70 95 - 105
VI, Min. 150 95 135 130
Flash Point, COC, °C. Min 160 160 160 190
Pour Point, °C. Max. -39 -39 -33 -27
Packing of Hydraulic Oil HVI:

210 Litres Drums.


Date of Issue : 01.07.2009

PDS No. 20230 - 20233

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