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Machine Tool Way Oil
GRADES: 32, 68, 100 & 220
Machine Tool Way Oil
Introduction of Machine Tool Way Oil:
Machine Tool Way Oil 32, 68, 100 & 220 are blended from highly refined base stocks with excellent oxidation stability and are incorporated with oiliness, anti-wear, non-drip and anti-foam additives. The above combination enables the products to carry higher load of machine tools with minimum stick-slip, chatter and improved surface finish to the job. These grades also protect the parts against rust and corrosion with reduction in the consumption of oils.
Application of Machine Tool Way Oil:
Machine Tool Way Oil 32, 68, 100 & 220 are recommended for slide way lubrication of planers, grinders, shapers by horizontal and vertical guide ways.
Typical Properties of Machine Tool Way Oil:
32 68 100 220
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C., cSt 30 to 34 64 to 72 95 to 105 210 to 230
Viscosity Index 90 90 90 90
Flash Point,°C (COC), Min. 190 190 210 220
Pour Point, °C, Max. -3 -3 -3 -3
Packing of Hydraulic Oil (Antiwear):

210 Litres Drums.


Date of issue: 01.07.2009

PDS No. 20240 - 20246

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