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Open Gear Oil
GRADES: 100, 220, 450 & 1000
Open Gear Oil
Introduction of Open Gear Oil:
Open gear oil are bituminous lubricants containing EP and special tackiness additives. Open gear oil are having good load carrying capacity.
Application of Open Gear Oil:
Open gear oil products are recommended for lubrication of open gears, wire ropes and chain drives. Also for lubrication of Kiln Tyres operating at high temperatures in Cement Mills and Chemical Plants.
Typical Properties of Open Gear Oil:
100 220 450 1000
Appearance Viscous liquid Viscous liquid Viscous liquid Viscous liquid
Colour Black Black Black Black
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C, cSt 90 to 120 210 to 250 400 to 500 900 to 1000
Flash Point, COC,°C, Min. 260 260 280 280
Packing of Open Gear Oil:

210 Litres Drums.


Date of Issue : DKG/22.12.2008

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