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Pneumatic Tool Oil
GRADES: 46, 100, 181 & 220
Pneumatic Tool Oil
Introduction of Pneumatic Tool Oil:
Pneumatic Tool Oil are specially developed products blended from highly refined base stocks and selected additives that provide excellent rust preventive and extreme pressure properties with good adhesiveness. Pneumatic Tool oil have good protection against wear and metal wetting properties that maintain continuous oil film resulting in long equipment life.
Application of Pneumatic Tool Oil:
Pneumatic Tool Oil are recommended for use in all pneumatically operated rock drills in both underground and surface mining, wagon drills, chippers and jack hammers in building and highway constructions as well as other industrial applications.
Typical Properties of Pneumatic Tool Oil:
46 100 181 220
KV at 40°C 44 to 48 95 to 105 175 to 185 210 - 230
Viscosity Index 90 90 90 90
Flash Point, COC, °C. Min 200 200 210 220
Pour Point, °C. Max. -3 -3 -3 -3
Packing of Pneumatic Tool Oil:

210 Litres Drums.


Date of issue: 01.07.2009

PDS No. 20311 - 20316

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