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Mango Spray Oil
Mango Spray Oil
Introduction of Mango Spray Oil :
Mango Spray Oil is emulsifiable oil blended from high quality base oils and specially selected additives. The oil has an excellent wetting property and is compatible with most of the insecticides. Also the oil does not have any toxic influence on the surroundings.
Application of Mango Spray Oil :
Mango Spray Oil is used in the form of oil-in-water (recommended dosage is 2 to 4 % of oil in water) and the emulsion is sprayed to control different type of insects. The oil is specially recommended for the protection of Mango trees by killing various organisms.
Performance Level of Mango Spray Oil :
Mango Spray Oil has unique property of easy emulsification and remains uniform over a wide range of temperature and period.
Typical Properties of Mango Spray Oil:
CHARACTERISTICS Orchard Spray Oil 100
Colour, ASTM, Max. 1.0
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C., cSt, 13 to 17
Pour Point, °C. Max. 0
Emulsion of  5 % of oil in 95 % of Demineralised water for 24 Hours. Stable Emulsion
Packing of Mango Spray Oil:

210 Litres Drums.


Date of issue: 01.07.2009

PDS No. 30402

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