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Rubber Spray Oil
Rubber Spray Oil
Introduction of Rubber Spray Oil :
Rubber Spray Oil is a greenish coloured low viscosity oil developed with  special additives for use in rubber plantation to combat the severe attack of fungus  ”PHYTOPHTHORA”, which causes the abnormal leaf fall resulting in loss of latex yield.
Application of Rubber Spray Oil :
Rubber Spray Oil is applied in the neat form of oil by mini sprayer or by aerial spraying to combat the attack of fungus on the rubber plantation.
Performance Level of Rubber Spray Oil :
Rubber Spray Oil has the unique property of spreading of the oil easily and uniformly on the leaf surfaces and leaf stalks. The oil does not permit to be easily washed out.
Typical Properties of Rubber Spray Oil :
Appearance Clear
Colour , Visual Greenish Brown
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C., cSt, 2.5 to 4.5
Flash Point, COC, °C. Min. 80
Packing of Rubber Spray Oil :

210 Litres Drums.

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