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Marquench Oil
GRADES: 220 & 460 :
Marquench Oil
Introduction of Marquench Oil :
Marquench Oil have been developed from highly refined base stocks with specially selected additives for marquenching applications and are having excellent oxidation and thermal stability. These long life oils have also good chemical stability, high boiling points, low volatility, high flash and fire points.

Application of Marquench Oil :

Marquench Oil are suitable for usage at bath temperatures of 150ºC to 220ºC and are recommended for all marquenching operations which require high quenching speed e.g., mass production of high precision products such as automotive gears, bearings, tools, dies etc. with low distortion due to quenching.

Performance Level of Marquench Oil :
Marquench Oils meet IS: 4543 - 1977 (RA 2004)
Typical Properties of Marquench Oil :
Marquench Oil 220 Marquench Oil 460
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C., cSt, 16 to 18 27 to 32
Viscosity Index, Min. 90 90
Flash Point, °C, COC, Min. 240 280
Pour Point, ºC, Max. -6 -6
Packing of Marquench Oil :

210 Litres Drums.


Date of Issue : 01.09.2009

PDS No. 50620 -50621

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