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Soluble Cutting Oil
Soluble Cutting Oil

Introduction of Soluble Cutting Oil

Soluble Cutting Fluid / Oil is a type of coolant and lubricant designed specifically for metalworking and machining processes. There are various kinds of cutting fluid, which include oils, oil-water emulsions, pastes, gels, and mists. They may be made from petroleum distillates, animal fats, plant oils, or other raw ingredients. Depending on context and on which type of cutting fluid is being considered, it may be referred to as Soluble Cutting Fluid, Soluble Cutting Oil, Soluble Cutting compound, Soluble Cutting Fluid Coolant, or Soluble Cutting Fluid Lubricant.

  • SYN GR Fluid 2,5,12
  • Syn Gr Fuid 2, 5 & 12 are water soluble synthetic grinding fluid of solution type. They are supplied in a concentrated form and are to be diluted with water in a suitable ratio. They are free from any mineral oil or fatty matter. These products are economical with good cooling and remarkable antirust properties when applied in grinding and other high speed machining operations.
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