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SYN GR Fluid
GRADES: 2,5,12
SYN GR Fluid
Introduction of Syn Gr Fluid:
Syn Gr Fluid 2, 5 & 12 are water soluble synthetic grinding fluid of solution type. They are supplied in a concentrated form and are to be diluted with water in a suitable ratio. They are free from any mineral oil or fatty matter. These products are economical with good cooling and remarkable antirust properties when applied in grinding and other high speed machining operations.
Application of Syn Gr Fluid :
Syn Gr Fluid 2, 5 & 12 are specially recommended for grinding of ferrous metals, specially for grinding of open grain cast irons which tends to rust quickly after Machining, high nickel and titanium alloys. Easto Syn Gr Fuids 2, 5 & 12 is recommended for grinding operations of Iron, Steel, Non-alloyed Steels and Nickel Chromium Steels. It should not be used for grinding aluminum, zinc, copper or magnesium alloys, tin or cadmium coated parts. Dilution range for the products varies from 1:40 min. to 1:100 max. Higher concentrations than required do not give production benefits but may lead to slight discolouration of workers skin.
Performance Level of Syn Gr Fluid :
Besides rendering remarkable antirust properties, Syn Gr Fuids 2, 5 & 12 give longer service life to grinding wheels and good ground finish. They do not emanate obnoxious odour even when machine is shut down and fluid is not kept in circulation as they are not attacked by bacteria. The solution maintains the clarity throughout the service period. They remove grinding debris quickly and keep the wheel exceptionally clean. They do not give skin irritation when used in proper dilution range.
Performance Standard of Syn Gr Fluid :
Syn Gr Fluid 2, 5 & 12 meet IS: 11186 -1985 reaffirmed March, 2002 standards.
Typical Properties of Syn Gr Fluid :
Syn Gr Fluids 2 Syn Gr Fluids 5 Syn Gr Fluids 12
Appearance of 10 % volume in Distilled Water Clear liquid with Green Fluorescence Clear liquid with Green Fluorescence Clear liquid with Green Fluorescence
Density at 15°C, gm/ml 1.200 (typical) 1.220 (typical) 1.260 (typical)
pH of 2 % Volume in Distilled Water 9.50 (typical) 9.50 (typical) 9.50 (typical)
Cast iron corrosion test in 1:40 Distilled Water. Passes Passes Passes
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