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White Soft Paraffin - IP :
Bees Wax
Description of Bees Wax :
Bees Wax is used in the manufacture of Bees Wax Papers, Candles, Cosmetics, Modeling, Artificial Fruits and Flowers, in process of engraving, Shoe Polishes, Plasters and Ointments.
Typical Properties of Bees Wax :
Bees Wax
Sp. Gravity at 25°C 0.950 - 0.960
Melting Point 142 - 149° F
Color White, Yellow, Brown
Flash Point 468 - 482° F
Saponification Value 88 - 102
Acid Value 16 - 23
Packing of Bees Wax :

25 kg cartoon.


DATE OF ISSUE: 01.09.2009.

PDS No. 80300.

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