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Transformer Oil :
Transformer Oil
Introduction of Transformer Oil :
This Transformer Oil is having excellent insulating properties, good oxidation stability, low volatility and resistance to sludge formation. The oil is free from acid, alkali and corrosive sulphur and excellent demulsibility characteristic.
Application of Transformer Oil :
Recommended for use in Transformers, Capacitors and Circuit Breakers.
Performance Level of Transformer Oil :
Meets IS -335-1993 specification.
Typical Properties Of Transformer Oil :
Transformer Oil 335
Density at 29.5ºC 0.890
Flash Point, ºC (Pensky - Martin closed) 140
Pour Point ºC. Minus 6
Kinematic Viscosity at 27ºC, cSt 27
Breakdown Voltage, new unfiltered / after filtration 30 / 60
Corrosive Sulphur Non-corrosive
Oxidation Stability at 100ºC, 164 Hrs.
        a) Total Acidity 
b) Sludge
a) 0.4 
b) 0.1
Water Content, ppm 50
Dielectric Dissipation Factor (Tan d) at 90ºC -
Presence of Oxidation Inhibitor. Nil
Packing of Transformer Oil :

210 Litres Drums.


Date of Issue :01.09.2009

PDS No. 30700

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