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White Mineral Oil PX-20 :
White Mineral Oil PX-20
Introduction of White Mineral Oil PX-20 :
It is highly purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum base. It is oil is transparent, & free from fluorescence in daylight. It is colourless, tasteless, odourless when cold. This highly refined hydro-treated oil has excellent thermal & chemical stability, having high flash point & is soluble in Chloroform & solvent Ether.
Application of White Mineral Oil PX-20 :
It is used in the manufacture of Anti-static Coning oils, Knitting oils & other Textile Auxiliaries, Plant Spray Oils, Agrochemicals, Aerosols, Dye Intermediates, Paper Industry; Perfumery, Food Grade Speciality Lubricants, Food Grade Plastics used as a Lubricant Plasticizer, Attars, Flavours & Fragrances, Perfumery Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Incenses, Personal Care Products, Leather Chemicals, Fat Liquors, Petrochemical Solvents, etc. It may also be used in the manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic Products like Creams, Lotions, Perfumery Industry, Bulk Drugs & Food Industry etc.
Typical Properties of White Mineral Oils PX-20 :
White Mineral Oil PX 20
Specific Gravity @ 25ºC Between 0.820 to 0.860
Dynamic Viscosity @ 20ºC Between 25 to 80 MPas
Solubility Passes
Sulphur Compounds Passes
Solid Paraffins Passes
Flash Point (PMCC)ºC Min. 150ºC
Acidity / Alkalinity Passes
Light Absorption @ 240-280 nm Less than 0.1
Readily Carbonsable Substances Passes
Packing of White Mineral Oil PX-20 :

210 Litres M.S. Barrels / Tanker Loads.


DATE OF ISSUE: 01.09.2009

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