Base Oils : LX-30, LX-100


American Petroleum Institute (API) classifies quality levels of Base Oils used by the Petroleum Industry into five categories from Group I to V.

Group II Base Oils are classified as those which have saturates above 90%, have sulphur less than 0.03% ( by weight) and VI between 80 to 120.

Eastern Petroleum offers Group II Base Oils exceed the minimum API stipulations and have VI of 118 (Typical). The higher percentage of saturates in these grades makes them excellent colour and oxidation stability.

Having undergone the hydro-fining process, which helps to convert the aromatics to naphthenic, EASTTO PET LX -30 & EASTTO PET LX-100 Base Oils also have good thermal stability.


These base oils are preferred in blending of Engine oils, Industrial and Specialty Lubricants, Neat Cutting oils, Transformer oil, Heat Transformer oil, Moulding oils even Process Oils  where excellent oxidation and thermal stability are needed. Their water-white colour makes them readily acceptable by many industries, e.g. Textile, Colour, rubber- manufacturing, white molded articles, etc. where stains are not acceptable.


AppearanceClear & BrightClear & Bright
Flash Point, COC, OC226246
Density @ 150C0.8400.850
KV at 40°C3295


210 Litres M.S. Barrels/Tanker Load.


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