Petroleum Jelly (IP)


The pharmaceutical grade Jellies are super white, highly refined semi solids & conform to Indian Pharmacopoeia, I.P. 1996 specifications. These are manufactured from highly refined hydro- refined mineral oils & imported waxes & are white, translucent, odourless, when cold & rubbed on skin & tasteless. These are Soluble in Chloroform and solvent ether, but are Insoluble in Alcohol and Ether & are unctuous to touch & retain their character. They exhibit very good lubricity properties & are used as a vehicle in ointments for active ingredients in pharmaceutical & cosmetic industry.


Regular Grade Snow White Petroleum Jelly finds varied applications in ointments, pain balms, capsules, cosmetic creams & lotions. Opthalmic Grade Petroleum Jelly is used in eye ointments & special cosmetic creams, whereas Vaporolatum Grade is used in high end skin creams, ointments & Vapor rub (VICKS Type) applications, because of its lustrous long fibrous structure. The technical grades Petroleum Jellies are used in manufacture of Rust Preventives & Coating Compounds, Rubber Products, as a Lubricant in Fire Arms, Lubrication of Battery Terminals, as a Softener during processing of Rubber Products, Stationery Products like Carbon Paper, Printing Inks , Offset & Lithographic Printing inks etc.


Acidity & AlkalinityCompliesComplies
Fixed Oils, Fats and RosinsCompliesComplies
Sulphated AshLess than 0.1% ( Passes )Less than 0.1% ( Passes )
Consistency @25 C100 to 300100 to 300
Melting Point38 to 56 °C38 to 56 °C
Foreign Organic MatterCompliesComplies
Light Absorption of  0.05% w/v    :    NMT 0.5 solution In Iso Octane at 240 – 290 nm
Congealing Point ºCD 93857 – 5357 – 53
Consistency @ 25ºC, 1/10 mmD – 217/  D -+ 937100 to 200200 to 300
Light Absorption at 290 mmLess than 0.75Less than 0.75
Drop Melting Point 0CD 55942 – 5042 – 50


170 Kgs. M.S. Top Open Barrels

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