Soluble Cutting oil



EASTTO KUT PCX forms a Milky Emulsion with water and contains rust corrosion Inhibitor and Biocide to prevent Bacterial growth in emulsion systems. This Oil has superior Cooling and Lubricating properties, which minimize Tool wear.


Recommended for a variety of Cutting Operations on ferrous and nonferrous metals. It is used for Grinding, Milling Drilling, Turning, Boring, Punching, Reaming, Broaching and Tapping operations. It is also used in machine tool industries like Radial drilling machine, Conventional lathe, CNC rotating tool holder, CNC machining centre, Angle shearing and vertical machining centre .It is recommended to use 3 – 5% concentrations for all types of operations.


Meets IS-1115 – 1986 (Reaffirmed 2002) specifications.


Kinematic Viscosity at 40oC., cSt, Min.35
Emulsion test in 400 ppm Hard WaterPasses
Casr Iron Corrosion Test (20:1 Emulsion)Passes
Emulsion test, 5: 1 and 20 : 1Passes
Frothing test. 5 : 1 and 20 : 1 ratio in 200 ppm hardness (as Ca CO²)No froth after 15 minutes
Copper strip corrosion test at 100ºC for 3 hours)1a
Thermal Stability TestPasses

Manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Formwork oil from India in the middle east countries i.e. Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates; African countries i.e. Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana; Far East Asian countries Mongolia, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar also in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and Australia, USA, Canada.


210 Ltr Drum, 26 Ltr Pack & 20 Ltr Pack

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