Mosquito Larvicidal Oil


Stagnant pools help mosquito larvicides to proliferate causing malarial epidemics. Larvicides, however, need oxygen for their survival which can be prevented by  providing an impregnable film to float on this water bodies. EASTTO MOSQUITO LARVICIDAL OIL helps to provide a fortified stable film with adequate surface tension with a view to cut off ingress of oxygen to the water surfaces. The product is non-toxic to marine life, animals, human beings or plants and is environment friendly. It meets the requirements of WHO and has been duly tested at Haffkin Institute.


EASTTO MOSQUITO LARVICIDAL OIL is either poured gently or suitably sprayed on the desired area periodically. A lethal dosage of minimum 0.001 cm thickness is suggested. On IM2 only 10cc of Eastto Mosquito Larvicidal Oil may be poured.


Appearance & ColourClear Dark Brown Liquid
Flash Point, PMCC, 0C.Above 70
Water Content, % by Weight00.1
Film Stability for minimum 2 HoursPasses
Spreading Pressure, Min18 dynes/cm


210 Litres M.S. Barrels, 26/20 Ltr, Tanker Load

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