Marine Turbine Oil


Eastto Marine Turbine Oils are blended from highly refined base stocks and antioxidant, rust inhibitor and antifoam additives. They have excellent thermal stability and
demulsibility properties.


Recommended for lubrication of marine turbines. It can be also used in Circulating systems, Anti-friction bearings, enclosed gears and Hydraulic units.


CharacteristicsEastto Marine T Oils
Kinematic Viscosity at 40oC, cSt326876
Viscosity Index959595
Flash Point °C, Min.200210220
Rust TestPassPassPass
Water Separation TestPassPassPass
Pour Point, °C-15-15-15


210 Litres Drums

EASTTO - is an emerging brand in Marine Turbine Oil. Eastern Petroleum (EPPL) is the leading Manufacturers, exporter, and supplier of Marine Turbine Oil from India.

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