Heatra Fluids


EASTTO HEATRA FLUIDS 12, 22, 32 & 100 are specially selected mineral oils with good oxidation and thermal stability for use in Industrial Heat Transfer applications. These Oils possess low volatility and low vapour pressure to give a long and trouble free service life in heat transfer systems.


Grade 12 & 22 are recommended for use in well-designed closed heat transfer systems operating up to 260°C while Grade 32 & 100 are recommended for use up to 300°C. The products find extensive applications in Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Other Processing Industries.


Kinetic Viscosity at 40oC., cSt,10 to 1420 to 2430 to 3495 to 105
Viscosity Index, Min.95959595
Flash Point,°C (COC), Min.180180190200
Pour Point, ºC, Max..-9-9-6-6

PACKING: 210 Ltr Drum, Tanker Load.

EASTTO - is an emerging brand in Hetra fluids. Eastern Petroleum (EPPL) is the leading Manufacturers, exporter, and supplier of Hetra fluids from India.

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