Compounded Fluids


COMPOUNDED FLUIDS are available in two grades with different ranges of viscosities from heavy oil to a semi-solid at normal ambient temperatures. These compounded fluids are normally used neat or can be diluted with a high flash solvent for easier applications. They have excellent extreme pressure properties, very high adhesive characteristics and good low temperature properties with wide operating temperature range.


They are recommended for the lubrication of wire ropes, chains, flexible couplings, gears, and sliding surfaces of drag lines and shovel. These lubricants can also be used in open gears of mine hoists, ball mills, rubber mixers, cement mills, clay product industries, construction equipment, dredging equipment as well as other applications where a heavy, adhesive lubricant is required.

Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C, cSt440 – 480980 – 1020
Flash Point, COC, °C, Min.210220
Copper Corrosion Test at 100°C for 3 Hours, Max.11


210 Ltrs Drum

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